Nature As inspiration

Nature as inspiration

Walkers enjoying the autumn view, bottom of Birch Wood, Plantlife Reserve at Ranscombe Farm, Kent.

Plantlife’s Ranscombe Farm, Kent.

People Need Nature collaborates with artists working in a range of media to celebrate the value of nature to people.

This includes music, literature, poetry, theatre, dance, visual arts, digital arts, installations and events.

We aim to make the link in people’s minds between nature as an inspiration for art, and difficulties for artists when nature is damaged or has gone from a landscape.

Nature has always inspired artists and musicians, from the stunning cave paintings of animals from 30,000 years ago to contemporary art, literature and music, and projects like Cape Farewell, highlighting climate change through art.

Our projects
We are developing new partnerships with artists, musicians, and organisations in England and Wales, like Common Ground and The Poetry Society, on projects aimed at further nurturing creativity inspired by nature.

These projects will include performances, events and exhibitions of work inspired by nature. We hope that, by taking part, the public will not only enjoy the experience, but also gain new insights into the relationship between nature and the human experience.