Our Work

People Need Nature (PNN) exists to promote the value and need for nature in people’s lives.


We work in three ways:


  • Research and evidence

We are collecting existing evidence, or commissioning new research, including public attitude surveys, to highlight the intangible value of nature. We focus on three strands: nature’s spiritual value; nature as inspiration; and how these ethics are applied to public decisions about nature.


  • Cultural projects

We are developing innovative partnerships and collaborations with religious and spiritual groups, artists, musicians and writers to celebrate the spiritual and inspirational values of nature, through performances, exhibitions and publications.


  • Advocacy

We advocate a different approach to how nature is valued and protected, particularly in relation to publicly owned land, public policy making and public expenditure. We aim to influence and drive new policy. We are particularly interested in promoting the intangible benefits that nature provides, which are often ignored or undervalued by decision makers.