Spiritual value

The Spiritual Value of Nature

many people experience a spiritual connection to nature

Nature and Spirituality

Religions and Spiritual beliefs across the world have always placed a great importance on nature, both as a source of spiritual nourishment, support, but also as a medium for contemplation and reflection. We will celebrate the value of nature for spiritual health and emphasise its importance as a counterbalance to a secular society where the acquisition of material goods is seen as the ultimate goal in life. This will be done through projects working with religious and spiritual groups, but also more widely in society. One possible project could be the creation of New Sacred Groves, where people can escape the pressures of everyday life and experience the joy and peace (!) that nature can bring.

People Need Nature will look to work with a wide range of other partners, to develop joint projects and work collectively to avoid duplication, benefit from economies of scale, and ensure additionality.

We will work with a range of partners, crossing traditional divides. We will work across the religious/spiritual community – with Christian groups such as the Church of England, Caring for God’s Acre, The Catholic Church and the Christian conservation charity A Rocha. We will develop partnerships with other religious and spiritual groups, initially through the Alliance of Religions and Conservation. We will also develop partnerships with unorthodox spiritual communities including Pagan groups who have a natural affinity to the spiritual power of nature.