Poundbury Nature Project

Cornfield Annuals flowering profusely in the Swale Summer 2020.

Since the Summer of 2019, People Need Nature has been working with the owners of the Poundbury development, The Duchy of Cornwall, developing a Poundbury Nature Project.

This blog post celebrated National Meadows Day in July 2020 with an introduction to the Poundbury Nature Project.

In July 2021 we celebrated National Meadows Day with this blog post about the Poundbury wildflower meadows.

You can read all about the last 2 years of the project in the Poundbury Magazine, articles from which have been uploaded onto our website. Links below.

Autumn 2021 article

Winter 2021 article

Spring 2022 article

Summer 2022 article

Autumn 2022 article

Winter 2022 article

Spring 2023 article

Summer 2023 article

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December 2023 article

Spring 2024 article

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