Here you will find links to interesting pieces of writing and other things which inform the relationship between People and Nature. If you find something that you want to share, please send me a link and I will put it on here.

The Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford have a Resource Stewardship programme which carries out research to improve the way resources such as carbon, water and nature, can be used sustainably. Here is their website.

Writer Melissa Harrison has written a fascinating piece exploring how our relationship with the landscape is mediated by the way we travel through it – and how disconnected from the landscape we can become if we only travel through it by car. Here’s the piece (ignore the silly title)

Here’s a review of a new book exploring the myths and more behind the Green Man “Uprooted: on the trail of the Green Man” by Nina Lyon. The book looks very interesting – I may buy it and review it here later.