People need nature

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“Nature doesn’t need human beings – it will survive without us.  We need nature to thrive and survive.  As nature’s custodians we must raise awareness of the fact nature is our lifeline, and we must inspire action to protect it.  People Need Nature.”

People Need Nature is a new charity, which aims to highlight the positive relationship between People and Nature and the amazing things that nature provides people, including inspiration, joy, contemplation, solace and meaning. PNN will promote the value and need for nature in people’s lives, by working to promote the value of nature through art, music, poetry, and literature; inspire and create activities to celebrate the importance of nature and the need to protect nature; gather evidence to highlight the value and importance of nature, and the risk to it; create innovative partnerships with key stakeholders and influencers to raise awareness and celebrate the value of nature; advocate a fresh approach to valuing and protecting nature; and to influence and drive policy through this fresh approach.

People Need Nature will work with a wide range of different individuals, communities and organisations across England and Wales, building new partnerships to promote our aims. We will develop projects, gather evidence, produce reports and advocate the importance of nature in everyone’s lives.

We see nature as something essential for people: just as our instincts drive so much of our behaviour, we believe people have an instinctual, visceral and spiritual need for nature.