Retailer apologises for letting wildflowers grow.

This photo was recently sent to us by Lizzie Wilberforce, Wildlife Trusts South and West Wales Conservation Manager.

Leekes verge

The sign says

“while we undertake a survey, we are unable to cut the grass in this area. We apologise for the look of the border while this is under way.”

The border is actually a verge running along the side of a Leeke’s Retail and Garden Centre in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The verge is, like most other pieces of amenity grassland, normally kept mown very short so the flowers never have a chance to, well, flower.

Leaving the verge unmown this year has opened a small window in the past.  Not so long ago this part of Wales was covered by wildflower meadows and Rhos pasture.

You can see from the photo that the verge is very rich in wildflowers – it even supports Carmarthenshire’s county plant – the whorled caraway.

It does illustrate the disconnection between people and nature, when a store (which includes a garden centre) has to apologise to its customers for allowing the flowers on its verges, the chance to grow and flower.

Wouldnt it be great if, rather than apologising for them, Leekes celebrated their wonderful wildflower-rich verges and encouraged their customers to enjoy the wildlife there?

You can contact Leekes on twitter @leekesLtd or email them at



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