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Looking after farmers as well as the land : Guest blog by Heidi Saxby

I recently read a fascinating paper exploring how farmers gain personal benefits to their wellbeing, from taking part in projects which help wildlife on farms – in this case a project to help conserve rare cornfield wildflowers in North Yorkshire. I contacted the author Heidi Saxby, and this is a blog she has written on […]

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Wildflowers find a new home at the Eden Project

Being in nature is good for you. All the evidence is there, it improves physical health, it lifts your mood and your spirits. Recent research, over a very long timescale, shows that the brains of older people who spend more time in nature (specifically green spaces in towns and cities) stay healthier for longer. Age-related […]

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Loss of Sheffield trees is more than just a bit of greenery gone: guest blog by Jane Wilkinson

Many people have heard about the “battle” to prevent a Local Authority contractor cutting down some of Sheffield’s trees as part of a road maintenance contract.  National newspapers, charities,  celebrities, and local protesters have all decried the loss of the trees; as well as the tactics of the contractors, security staff and, lately, the police […]

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