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National Meadow Day: Poundbury Wildflower Meadows

It’s National Meadows Day today and People Need Nature is celebrating with news of a project on which we working, in partnership with the Duchy of Cornwall, at their Poundbury development in Dorset. Poundbury Great Field is a large open space on the boundary where the new development at Poundbury meets the existing edge of […]

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PNN Annual Report 2018/19

One of the things about having Charitable Status is that the law requires all charities (or rather, strictly speaking, Charitable incorporated Organisations – which is the legal structure that PNN chose when it was founded) to produce an Annual Report and accounts. Some Charities just publish their accounts and a very brief summary (or even […]

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Farmland Tax report published

Farmland Tax Breaks revealed. Today People Need Nature publishes its latest report, investigating the tax system and how it affects farmland. “Where there’s muck there’s brass: revealing the billions hidden in farmland tax shelters” lays out the many, varied, and some frankly bizarre tax breaks available to farmers and landowners.  And we argue that these […]

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Some thoughts on the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019

Natural Capital debate cartoon by Rebecca Roberts @envirovisuals Last week’s 10th Oxford Real Farming Conference was bigger than ever, with over a thousand delegates attending – and nearly as many again, on the waiting list for returned tickets. The conference was spread over even more venues this year, to cater for the extra people, and […]

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Loss of Sheffield trees is more than just a bit of greenery gone: guest blog by Jane Wilkinson

Many people have heard about the “battle” to prevent a Local Authority contractor cutting down some of Sheffield’s trees as part of a road maintenance contract.  National newspapers, charities,  celebrities, and local protesters have all decried the loss of the trees; as well as the tactics of the contractors, security staff and, lately, the police […]

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Guest Blog: Why Taxpayers need a “housemate agreement with Farmers. By Vicki Hird.

  The dreaded ‘red tape’ and interference in farm decisions under the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is why many UK farmers voted ‘leave’. But I aim to justify the uncomfortable but necessary complexity we will need to cope with after Brexit when we have a new contract or agreement between farmers and the taxpayer. […]

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